Good emotional habit...

for uncertainty: the habit of Trust 

Meritxell Marondo

"Only arrogance would distrust life"

Sergio Torres


What is trust? What does it really mean? Trust what? Who?

We can trust in many things: in life, each person in themself or in others, in projects... but there is only one type of trust and it is born in a single place, our own interior.

Etymologically the word trust means to have total faith or loyalty. Following this thread, we ask ourselves, what are the parts of myself that I trust and have faith in the most? Do I have faith in my values? In my talents? In my personal resources? Reviewing our faith in various personal aspects can be a very valuable analysis, because when we trust in who we are, in what we are capable of doing and achieving, our confidence reaches a higher dimension.

It is time to ask yourself: what do I need to develop and bring together  to trust and trust myself  so when critical moments appear, our self-confidence and personal security do not falter?

The first thing that is worth keeping in mind is that we are not going to find trust anywhere outside of ourselves. We can have illusions and it may seem that trust is given to us from the outside; with an expression of encouragement, with congratulations... and it is certainly nice to receive recognition, praise and support, but if we do not have an inner source of trust, none of that will have a place. As we will depend on it, we will look for trust in the external, we will claim it and possibly, it makes us vulnerable and unstable.

Supporting and being supported is important, letting ourselves be cared for is important, opening ourselves up to others and knowing that together we can go further is essential. However, the start will always be within us. Life and others are a reflection of what we emit, and if we do not trust, life returns mistrust to us.

If, as individual beings, we do not trust ourselves, if we do not know how to find trust within ourselves, what will we do when external circumstances ask us, more than ever, for an extra dose of it? When the world turns upside down, as we have and are experiencing lately, what can save us is trust. When the environment falters, when we can no longer trust what is established because it is mutating or vanishing, trusting in you; in your abilities, in always knowing a safe harbor, it is the last and final resource. The one who will always be there, inexhaustible, is you.

Trust in knowing that, within you, is all the security and certainty you need. When uncertainty overwhelms you: stop, breathe, close your eyes, put a hand on your chest and feel the body; embrace all the sensations that appear, ask yourself what emotions you are feeling and little by little, connect with yourself and connect with those parts of you that make you feel safe, those parts of you that you trust the most. That's where trust resides, that's where genuine trust resides, that doesn't depend on anything but you. You are the source of that trust. From there, too, you will know how to put that trust into action. When we feel blocked, we can trust that life, if we watch and listen, will always give us signs for the next step. When we do not trust emotions, such as fear, insecurity or confusion often take over. It is important to develop the sense of trust, and understand it as something intrinsic in you. It's no use trusting other people if you don't trust yourself first.

The connection with the present helps us to trust. Uncertainty can surround us, but we also feed it when our thoughts are too far ahead. The future is uncertain, unknown in nature, we do not know what it holds. If we focus on the moment, on the present, it is easier to exercise trust.

A suggestion to exercise the trust muscle, is to take a few moments to consciously inhabit the present moment. Stop, notice and listen to your body, take some deep and slow breaths, and give yourself to life, surrender to it. Everything is fine.